Psychotherapy and Counselling

Psychotherapy and Counselling

We Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

THINKiNT’s counselling service is designed to help clients gain clarity and find help in dealing with life transitions, grief, difficult emotion, career stress / uncertainties & social difficulties through counselling with psychology-based therapeutic approaches through the following structure:
  • One-on-one counselling sessions with a licensed counsellor
  • Each individual will be assigned a unique ID number to protect their privacy
  • Seamless online booking system to make an appointment
  • Mental health screening would entail a brief assessment of client’s mental health state using evidence-based tools
  • A general well-being report will be prepared for HR/ management team on a monthly basis (as well as after the mental health screening)
  • Each session is approximately 60 minutes

Our Pricing Plans

Individual Session

Board Certified Senior Counsellor/ Clinical Psychologist – starting at RM300; intake session is 90 minutes, starting at RM350

Board Certified Junior Counsellor/ Clinical Psychologist – RM200; intake session is 90 minutes, starting at RM250

Trainee* Counsellor/ Clinical Psychologist – RM60 
*under direct supervision of Board Certified Senior Counsellors 

Family/ Couple Therapy

Starting at RM400 per session; intake session is 90 minutes starting at RM450

Terms: There are additional charges for a written report (upon request) and diagnostic tools (starting at RM150). For virtual sessions, a 10% discount will be applied.


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What people say about us

Check out our esteemed clients’ testimonials on our services.

Jeremy Foo
Brand Lead of YTL CC
“Thinkint has been a big part of our team’s growth especially in the areas of embracing healthy conflict and building mental resilience in the work place. Our sessions are always impactful and memorable! We appreciate the heart and attention to detail that goes into each engagement..”
Danika Khong
CEO, Scismic
“Sybella and her team take a very wholesome approach to organizational culture. She’s supported and helped our team understand how we each contribute to our unified mission. She’s facilitated honest, empathetic, and genuine conversations within the team and it has greatly helped us foster a secure environment where each member’s voice is heard and appreciated. Many of the tools Sybella has introduced to us is currently part of our formal employee review and communication processes.”
Tan Suet Wei
Legal Associate, YTL Cement Berhad
“I like how Thinkint showed about the cycle of how to increase loyalty in a team. A leader must have strong mental health to empower the team, together leader and team can be resilient to achieve whatever missions that have been assigned.”

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